Dry-Pack Food at Home with a Portable Canner

By Brigitte

Borrow a portable dry-pack canner from the Home Storage Center (LDS Dry-Pack Cannery) to can long-term food storage.

Portland Home Storage Center portable dry-pack canner in its container

There are portable dry-pack canners available for check-out at the LDS Home Storage Centers so you can dry-pack your own bulk food in #10 cans outside of the cannery. They are heavy but compact enough to fit in a regular size trunk (some weigh approximately 75 lbs – others are aluminum  and weigh about 35 lbs).  

You can reserve the canner by calling the Home Storage Center. You will need to  return it a few days after check-out.

For liability reasons, the canners cannot be used in an LDS Church building.

When you are ready to check-out the portable canner, remember to buy:

  • Products: You can purchase the bulk food, click here for a price list needed for your dry-packing from the storage center, or dry-pack your own store-bought commodities.
  • Cans: The #10 cans (approximately 3.5 quarts) are by far the choice containers for long-term storage of dry food – they are rodent proof and highly resistant to puncture and moisture. Calculate the amount of cans you need for the product to be dry-packed – this information is available on the Provident Living order form.
  • Lids: They are necessary to seal your cans – you also should have white plastic lids to close the cans after opening them.
  • Oxygen absorbers: Should be placed on top of the food before sealing the can (except for granulated sugar)– they protect dry food from insect damage and help preserve product quality. The oxygen absorbers remove oxygen more effectively than vacuum packaging. Products dry-packed with oxygen absorbers must be low in moisture and oil content – if moisture content is not low enough, botulism poisoning may result. 
  • Boxes: 6 #10 cans can be stored in a cardboard box available at the storage center - cans stored in right size boxes stack very well.
  • Labels: They are free if you purchase products from the dry-pack cannery – date your cans and your boxes. 

Watch this video tutorial on how to use a portable dry-pack canner from the Portland Home Storage Center.


The following is a list of approved and non-approved products for long- term food storage (list from Welfares Services Home Storage Centers):

Approved Products: Non-fat dry milk and milk/whey products such as hot cocoa – bleached or unbleached flour – soft and hard grains – grains that are not milled or cracked and do not have an oily  seed coat such as white rice, wheat, dry-corn, popcorn, barley etc., oats (quick and regular), dried peas and beans, and dehydrated refried beans, eggless pasta products, dehydrated or freeze-dried food that are dry enough to snap, texturized vegetable protein (TVP), soup mixes (without bouillon), gelatin, cheese powder.

Non-Approved Products: These products will not store well because of their high moisture or oil content – milled grains, nuts, brown rice, sesame, pearled barley.

A Mylar sealer is also available for check-out from the Home Storage Center. The machine weighs approximately 35 lbs. You will need to buy Mylar pouches and oxygen absorbers to dry-pack your products. Mylar pouches are easily punctured and not rodent proof. Keep them in a plastic tub when stored.

For more information about the  Home Storage Center

To read about the Family Home Storage Starter Kit, click here…

 Home Storage Center-LDS Dry-Pack Cannery price list/order form, click here…

If you need the address and phone number of the  Home Storage Center, leave a comment in the box below.

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11 responses to “Dry-Pack Food at Home with a Portable Canner

  1. Shauna Peters

    Is there a dry pack cannery in the Ogden area. If so, please provide address and phone number. also hours of operation.
    Thank you
    Shauna Peters

  2. gail morse

    Thank You Santa Clara, California cannery for loaning the home seamer/canner to our Brookvale Ward in Fremont, Ca. and sending us this website video to show us how to use it. All I could wish for would be labels for each can to come with the bulk food boxes with the food items details on it. maybe this website could also carry printable labels for bulk items.
    Thank you.

  3. mark

    Where is the closest LDS center to me. Navarre Florida 32566

  4. Krystee

    I am seeking a dry pack cannery in North Carolina nearest Greensboro. Is this the place that I can rent it for 3-4 days? Thanks!

  5. Colleen McGuirk

    I live in Niles, Ohio and would like to visit the storage center in Ohio.
    Is it possible even though I am not a member?
    Thank you for your response!
    This is a great website. Thank you for all you do!

  6. Keith Hanson

    IS there a canning operation in the Corpus Christi, Texas area?

  7. Delvin Dixon

    Where can I find a cannery in the Seattle, Wa area?

  8. Anne Pierce

    Is there a dry pack cannery in Ventura County, CA?
    Thank you,

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