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Buy Pre-Packaged Food Storage

By Brigitte

You can purchase pre-packaged long-term food storage cases from the LDS Distribution Center (shipping is included), or buy them at the  Home Storage Center during hours of operation on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Distribution Center prices &  Home Storage Center prices

 Family Home Storage Cases

  • Case of (6) cans of quick oats (14.41 lbs. total net weight) for $20. 50, $12.30  
  • Case of (6) #10 cans of hard red winter wheat (33lbs. total net weight) for $26.25, $15.60
  • Case of (6) #10 cans of white rice (32.4 lbs. total net weight) for $32.00, $21.60
  • Case of (6) #10 cans of pinto beans (31.2 lbs. total net weight) for $37.50, $25.50



For more information about the  Home Storage Center, click here…

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Home Storage Center price list, click here…


Leave a comment in the box below to ask for the address and phone number of the Home Storage Center.


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