Deathbed Repentance

by Gary L.

Regional Welfare Specialist

I was told of a brother who had been inactive for most of his life.  He was approached by his home teacher and asked why he didn’t come to church.  He said his dad forced him to go to church with the family, and when he was old enough to rebel, he said “that was enough”, and refused to go any more.  He and his brother decided they would do whatever came to their minds, and experience all that the “world” had to offer.  They would hurry and repent just before they die and that would solve everything.  He is 70 years old, in good health, and not ready to repent yet.

What about Emergency Preparedness and Self-Reliance?  There are many who are practicing “Death-bed Repentance” with regard to Food Storage and Preparedness.  The importance of following the counsel of the Prophet in this regard is paramount.

We should offer our help to those who want to accomplish the goals of the pamphlet “All Is Safely Gathered In – Home Storage”.  Could you be a mentor to someone who struggles with this goal?  Let’s protect them from the belief that Death-bed Repentance works.  A natural disaster, including a flu pandemic, might confront us suddenly.  It would then be too late to “safely gather in” what we would need to survive.

Gary L.

Portland Welfare Regional Specialist

2008 Noah’s Ark Newsletter/ LDS Intelligent Living


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