First Aid Kit for the Household

by LDS Intelligent Living

After doing some research about First Aid, I got motivated and decided to check my First Aid kits. I knew I hadn’t changed anything for years in the containers. It was time to update and add a few extra things too. Feeling more confident from my recent knowledge, I decided to do something about my neglected kits and involve my family in the process. tool box 001 I have kept the First Aid supplies for the house in a tackle box for years (an idea I got from a TV show) and used a pre-made kit for the car.            more first aid and more 002 I decided to upgrade the house container to a bigger size because I wanted to keep my supplies in one place and since I use herbal First Aid too I needed more space to fit everything in. I prepared a new First Aid kit for the car using the old tackle box.  Click here to read “Emergency Car Kit” by JoAnn K.  As I shopped around, I kept in mind the features I wanted the container to have:

  • Easy to carry
  • Simple to open
  • Durable
  • Roomy enough to contain the items needed for the family
  • Good visibility of contents

more first aid kit 001 I got my children involved in organizing the supplies in both containers. As we worked, we talked about each item and how to use it (the younger kids were excited about organizing the bandages by size).  First Aid Kit 010 Click here to view the recommended content of a First Aid Kit. We  spent a couple of hours as part of our elective for school that day (we home school) to talk about First Aid, which also helped my son pass off requirements for his Scout rank. We watched videos and discussed what to do in different emergency situations. We talked about the importance of having emergency phone numbers and made sure those we had were up-to-date and visible in the box. We checked that all medications were dated, added the First Aid manual, and wrote the date the supplies were checked on the lid of the container. We decided to update it twice a year along with our 72-hour emergency kit at General Conference time. We keep the First Aid kit within easy reach in one of the bedroom closet in the house (bathrooms are not ideal because of the humidity which shortens the shelf life of some of the contents of the First Aid kit).

Where are the bird-aids

If you do not have a First-Aid kit, and your budget is tight, build-up your supplies the same way you do with your food storage: gradually. A simple cardboard box will do to hold your items if that’s all you have, and ziploc bags to group and compartmentalize the supplies (keep wound supplies in one bag and medication in another). There is a wide selection of pre-made First Aid kits in many different price ranges. You need to shop around and decide what works best for you, to buy a pre-made kit or do it yourself.

Photos by LDS Intelligent Living

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