Preserving God’s Bounty

By Gayle D., POES RS President

The preparedness goal for August is canning and dehydrating. This brings back childhood memories of helping my mother line up and fill the jars. It felt so good to stand back and admire the finished rows of delicious fruit.

We had an interesting discussion in our ward Relief Society a few weeks ago. The surplus pear order that has been made available to us from the Medford church farm was being discussed. Many young mothers knew that this was a bargain price for the fruit, but had no experience in how to can the product. Enthusiasm grew as many of our older sisters began to volunteer to teach and help so that our younger sisters could acquire this new skill.

These are times when we need to all pull together to help each other gain skills. The bounty of this time of year is there for our blessing. May we each look ahead and plan for our future. The best way to give thanks for the Lord’s bounty is to make sure that it doesn’t go to waste.

Here’s to a great harvest!
Gayle D.
photo source: LDS Media Library – LDS cannery


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