Home Storage Center/LDS Dry-Pack Cannery Location

Portland Home Storage Center Bulk FoodTo find the Home Storage Center nearest you, click here. Please note, Home Storage Centers are for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints; however, non-members may be allowed to utilized them as well.  If you are NOT a member of the church, please call the Home Storage Center in your area IN ADVANCE of your visit to find out if you are allowed to use the facility.

For a price list/order form of the long-term food storage products sold at the Home Storage Center, click here.

Home Storage Center hours of operation:

Walk-ins (no scheduled groups)-Tuesdays & Thursdays 9-3 PM.

Scheduled sessions for groups, stakes & wards - Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6-9 PM, and Saturday mornings from 9-12 PM (noon).

For more information about the LDS Home Storage Center (LDS Dry-Pack Cannery), click on the links below.

Video on how to dry-pack long-term food storage at an LDS Home Storage Center, click here

Video tutorial on  how to set-up and use a portable dry-pack canner available for check-out at LDS Home Storage Centers, click here

Buy Pre-Packaged Food at the Home Storage Centers or order on line, click here…

Dry-Pack Food at Home with a Portable Canner, click here…

Family Home Storage Starter Kits/One month Kit available at the Home Storage Centers or on line, click here…

More about the  Home Storage Center, click here…

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76 responses to “Home Storage Center/LDS Dry-Pack Cannery Location

  1. Lynn Bauter

    Hello! I was wondering if you had an LDS Cannery for public use in the Portland, OR area. We are not members of your church, but we have started our food storage based on many of the websites of your members. We are interested in purchasing the 25lb bags of wheat.

    Thank you very much!
    ~Lynn Bauter

    • Yes, there is an LDS dry-pack cannery in Portland opened to non LDS members during walk-in hours only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I will email you more information. That is exciting to see that you are working on your food storage. The Portland Home Storage Center is a great place to dry-pack long-term bulk items and the volunteers will be ready to help you when you are there; they are very knowledgeable about food storage. Good luck!

      • jenny

        Hi Brigitte,
        Was wondering about the Snowflake, Arizona cannery. Is it also open to the public ?
        If so could you please send me the address and walk-in hours for non-members, it would be greatly appreciated.
        Thank you. Jenny

  2. jenny

    We are new to the Show Low, Arizona area. Is the cannery for this area also open to the public? My daughter has 8 children and she makes her own bread, as you can imagine, she goes thru wheat, so being able to purchase thru the cannery would be a blessing. We are just starting our food storage so any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

  3. Martha

    Is the a LDS cannery open to the public near the Atwater/Merced, CA area?

  4. Vienna Mc

    Hello Brigitte,
    I asked this question under a different area also, but thought I’d ask here too just because I’m so excited that
    non LDS members can use the cannery! I just need the phone number and address to the cannery in Portland, Or. I’m sure others here also use the site Food Storage Made Easy and Deals to Meals. If you haven’t checked out those sites you may want to. They are LDS and have Awesome working 3 month and 1 year supply calendars. Just an fyi!
    Look forward to hearing back :)


  5. Lonnie Miner

    I live in Hillsboro, Missouri which is about 25 miles south of Saint Louis.Can you please tell me where the closest Home Storage Center/LDS Dry-Pack Cannery Location is? I am not a member of your church but I am extremely interested in building up a food storage system. I have visited many of your members sites and have profited greatly from the information they have. Thank you very much. Lonnie Miner

  6. John

    Location must be a well-kept secret. No address on this website. Please provide. New to area

  7. Marie

    I am also interested in the LDS cannery in Portland. I am a non member but am putting togeter my own food storage. Please email me with any information you can. Thank you Marie

  8. Charles

    Please email me information for a center in the Charlotte NC area. Thank you!

  9. lee

    What is the address and telephone number please – I live in Riverton Utah
    Thank you

  10. Jana Dalcher


    I wanted to know the address, phone and schedule for the Portland Cannery. I have heard that the products are available even if I am not LDS. The sooner that I get this information, the sooner my mother will calm down. :) Thanks.

    Jana Dalcher

  11. Chuck


    Thanks for a very informative website! I’m interested in doing self canning. Can you please send me info on a cannery in the LA area?

    Thanks and God bless.

  12. Tim

    Hello. Please email the location and phone number to your location. I am not a member of the church, but would like to purchase food at your facility. Looks like Tuesday and Thursday 9-3 would be the correct time to come in?
    Thanks for what you do!




  14. Tom Herbert

    Hello, I would like to know the location of the nearest bulk food/canning facility. I am located in Bakersville, NC. A TN location may be closer as we are just minutes from the border.



  15. Joey Bowman

    My hole family are Christians but not LDS, I enjoy reading your info and planning, can we still buy and prepare from you? What time and location in Middle TN can I if I can pick up?



  17. Edward Dobek

    Hi, I was wondering if any cannery’s are in my area. I am in northeastern Pa. The Poconos to be exact. I wish to start working on food storage for long term. Any information would be most appreciated , Thank you very much.

  18. Mark eckert

    Hello. I would like to know the location of the home storage center nearest Reading, PA. Or alternatively near either Philadelphia or Lancaster, PA. I have just started my home storage journey!
    Thank you.

  19. Bruce

    I would like to know the nearest home Storage Center/LDS Cannery location? Ilive in the Ocala,Florida area.
    Thank you

  20. Josh

    I was wondering about buying bulk food for storage i live in Arkansas are there any locations near

  21. dusan

    Looking for LDS home storage cannery, open to public, we live in Middletown, Connecticut.
    Thank you and God bless,

  22. Clifford

    I’m interested in storing food supplies for myself and wife for the upcoming shortages and need to know if there are any LDS cannery’s in northern IL area, I live on the IL\WI boarder. Thank you for any help

  23. Does the White City location in Oregon have items available for purchase to non memebers and what hours are they open.

  24. Rebecca Dunne

    I was wondering if there is a LDS dry pack cannery in the Bernardsville, NJ area?

  25. Lani

    I was wondering how I can get information for the Naperville, IL cannery. I am a member, and I’d like to beef up our current food storage. Thank you for any information you can send me.

  26. Dean Dollar

    Dear Sir’s.
    I was wondering if there is a LDS cannery in Arizona? please let me know. Thank you

  27. Roy Gooden

    I am located in south florida just south of Fort Lauderdale and north of Miami. we have started to invest into long term food storage and we are not affiliated with the LDS church.. I have located a home storage center in and around our area in Davie Florida but i talked to the members there and they said i would need to get permission from the Bishop of their Ward.. So i was wondering if there is a Home food storage center around south florida that has walk in’s for non LDS members.. I would be willing to go as far as orlando if need be…
    Thanks you so much for your time and God Bless

  28. Scott

    Good day, I would like to know where an LDS cannery is, in the area of northern New Jersey and the schedule for walk-ins or a family group of 4. Thank you.

  29. John

    Thank you for all the great information provided in this website. I’m not an LDS member, but have begun building up our food stores based on many beliefs I share with you. Is there an LDS Cannery in the Sacramento, CA area that is open to the public? Please email any information. Thanks!

  30. noel

    this is a great thing your doing i was wanting to know if you have a location in the northeast texas region i would be able to go to and buy goods thank you and god bless

  31. Juanita

    Hi–Thank you for all the information—next I need a LDS cannery—I live in Dawsonville, Ga., is there a cannery close by?

  32. Waldermar Weaver

    My wife and I are planning on moving to Coquille, OR. We would appreciate the address, hours and phone# of the Portland cannery. Thank you, and God Bless- Wally Weaver

    • JoAnn K. (Gateway)

      Here’s the info for the Portland Home Storage Center

      (971) 230-0770

      10420 SE 82nd Ave
      PO Box 66160
      Portland, Oregon 97086

  33. Christopher

    Hello is there a LDS Cannery that permits public non-LDS members in San Diego, CA? I read an article online suggesting getting in contact with an LDS Cannery for Food Storage needs. Thanks!!

  34. Jeffrey

    I am interested in visisting a food storage location in Portland. Can you give me the location and times that I can visit?

    Thank you

    • JoAnn K. (Gateway)

      I can’t give you times, because they are subject to change, but you can call for more info:

      (971) 230-0770

      10420 SE 82nd Ave
      PO Box 66160
      Portland, Oregon 97086

  35. Jeffrey

    I am interested in visiting a food storage warehouse in Portland Oregon

  36. Whitney Gneiting

    I would like the address and phone # so i can get more info for a relief society activity.

  37. Violet

    I need a price list for items sold in cannery, locations, and hours of operation. I having trouble navigating your site. Many pages are “not found”. Thanks!

  38. Ann Wicklund

    Would like to know where the LDS Wet or Dry Cannery is located nearest to Idlewild, Mi. 49642. We are moving there very shortly and I really do need to start re-stocking my food supply. I also would like to have an up-dated cost list of the items available at the cannery.

  39. Michelle Stockton

    I’m interested in doing self canning. Can you please send me info on a cannery in the WI (preferably Milwaukee or Racine) area?


  40. Jerry Kelly

    Hello! I was wondering if you have a cannery in the state of Kentucky, and if open to the public.

  41. Ralph Thomason

    Can I please get the location of the Portland Oregon area cannery for walk ins. I am about 2/3 rds of the way to my 1 year goal and would like to get finished in the next month or two.

    Thank You

    • JoAnn K. (Gateway)

      (971) 230-0770

      10420 SE 82nd Ave
      PO Box 66160
      Portland, Oregon 97086

      Make sure you call before you go.

  42. tiffiny

    I am interested in signing up for an individual time slot to come do some home storage items. I also tried to locate the price list for the various food storage items, but was not successful in locating it. I would like to sign up for a day next week, either Tuesday or Thursday. Maybe something in the morning. I look forward to hearing back from you and making arrangements to do some food storage items. Thanks Tiffiny Gregory

  43. Shauna Taylor

    I am trying to find a current price list for dry packing. Also address where the nearest food storage center is at. Thank You.

  44. D Bailey

    I have relatives in southern California who are non members and would like to use a dry pack facility in their area. Can you tell me which days they could go and do dry pack and the hours that the center is open, as well as the address? Thanks

  45. Mary

    Hello! I was wondering if you had an LDS Cannery for public use in the Seattle, WA area. We are not LDS members, but we have started our food storage based on many of the websites of your members. We are interested in learning more on long-term food preparation.

  46. Jennings Smith

    Is there a dry-pack center in Puerto Rico? If so, where and can one purchase wheat there?

  47. Andra

    Are there any LDS Canning Centers in Louisiana? I live in between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Thank You.

  48. Marcia

    I am in Maine and am curious if there might be a center here or anywhere in new england for that matter? Not a member but have found SO much highly useul information from this an other LDS member sites! I thank God regularly for leading me to these sites for guidance as we are preparing for 30 people for 1 yr for now hopefully we can work up to 2 years an growing family :) (we have 12 children and our 2nd grand child on the way! :) )
    Also I’m curious, havent found it yet, do you have suggested list of how much you should plan per person for non food items?
    Thanks for all the helpful information!

    • JoAnn K. (Gateway)


      You can look up the Home Storage Centers by following this link: http://www.providentliving.org/location/map/0,12566,2026-1-4,00.html. This link was down for awhile, but I checked it again today and it is working.

      I haven’t seen any guidelines for how much you should plan per person for non-food items, as this really depends on how much of each product you use. For example, my shampoo bottle says use a “pea-size” amount, are you kidding me??? I use at least 5x that amount for myself and probably 10x that amount on my daughter’s hair because she has really long hair and she hates to wash her hair so it needs to be quick and easy. As you can see it really varies for each individual person. What I have done to figure out the non-food items is I keep track of these items for a couple of months and then estimate. So I just make a note of the things I want to track (shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, etc) and then I write down the date I start a new package of the product. So, when I put a new bar of soap in the shower I write down that date and when it’s gone I write down the new starting date for the new bar of soap. After a couple of months of tracking I just take the average for the FAMILY, not the individual. If you really want individual usage you’d need to track these items on an individual level within your family.

      I hope that helps you get these item amounts figured out. If you have discovered another way/source, please come back and share it with us.


  49. henry pfausch

    I am inquiring as to what is the nearest canning center to the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area? There is a rumor floating about that they have closed to non members. Thank you for your help.

  50. Jamie Bartschi

    We live in Montpelier, Idaho (just north of Bear Lake). Is the Salt Lake Cannery the closest one for us to use? Thank you!

    • JoAnn K. (Gateway)


      I’m not that familiar with all of the locations listed for your surrounding area, so it would be better if you were to take a look at the map, I’d hate to say “yes” when there might be one closer in another direction.

      You can look up the Home Storage Centers by following this link: http://www.providentliving.org/location/map/0,12566,2026-1-4,00.html. This link was down for awhile, but I checked it again today and it is working.

      Have fun!


  51. Amy Kimmet

    Good Morning! I am very interested in starting my long term food storage. Is there a location in Portland, OR? How do I go about setting up a time? Thanks in advance for your help!


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