Providing for Self and Family

Preparedness Wellness Wheel The material below is an excerpt from the guide “Providing in The Lord’s Way”

Provide for Self and Family

Church members are respon­sible for their own spiritual and temporal well-being. Blessed with the gift of agency, they have the privilege of setting their own course, solving their own prob­lems, and striving to become self-reliant. Members do this under the inspiration of the Lord and with the labor of their own hands.

Elements of Self-Reliance

Self-reliance is the ability, com­mitment, and effort to provide the necessities of life for self and family.  As members become self-reliant, they are also better able to serve and care for others. When Church members are doing all they can to provide for themselves but still cannot meet their basic needs, they should first turn to their families for help. When this is not sufficient, the Church stands ready to assist. Some of the areas in which members should become self-reliant are outlined below.


Education can en­rich, ennoble, and provide under­standing that leads to a happier life. Members should study the scriptures and other good books; improve their ability to read, write, and do basic mathematics; and obtain skills needed for suit­able employment.


The Lord has com­manded members to take care of their minds and bodies. They should obey the Word of Wis­dom, eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, and get adequate sleep. They should shun substances or practices that abuse their bodies or minds and that could lead to addiction. They should practice good sanitation and hygiene and obtain adequate medical and den­tal care. They should also strive to cultivate good relationships with family members and others.


Work is the foun­dation upon which self-reliance and temporal well-being rest. Members should prepare for and carefully select a suitable occu­pation or self-employment that will provide for their own and their families’ needs. They should become skilled at their jobs, be diligent and trustworthy, and give honest work for the pay and benefits they receive.

Home Storage

To help care for themselves and their families, members should: – Build a three-month supply of food that is part of their normal diet. – Store drinking water in case the water supply becomes polluted or disrupted. – Gradually build a longer-term supply of food that will sustain life. See All Is Safely Gathered In: Family Home Storage


To become financially self-reliant, members should: – Pay tithes and offerings. – Avoid unnecessary debt. – Use a budget and live within a plan. – Gradually build a financial reserve by regularly saving a little. – Teach family members prin­ciples of financial management. See All Is Safely Gathered In: Family Finances and One for the Money: Guide to Family Finances. Also, the online financial course found on the Provident Living website Peace in Your Hearts

Spiritual Strength Spirituality is essential to a person’s temporal and eternal well-being. Church members should exercise faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, obey God’s commandments, pray daily, study the scriptures and teachings of the latter-day proph­ets, attend Church meetings, and serve in Church callings and as­signments. Visit The Provident Living Website to learn more about family preparedness.

A little Bit of Planning, a Lot of Success” by Lane Johnson, is a wonderful article filled with down-to-earth and inspiring thoughts about the personal and family preparedness guidelines as found in the LDS Church’s Welfare program. She explains that we need to prepare ourselves and our family for the economic, intellectual, physical and spiritual challenges we face in our everyday life. Being self-reliant enables us to enjoy a more abundant life and not be dependent on others for our needs. To read the article in its entirety,  click here

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One thought on “Providing for Self and Family”

  1. Hello, I saw in this web page, a comment regarding obey God and His commandment as a part of the personal and family preparation. But this is the invitation of Jesus and His example (Mathew 5:17 thru 20) to follow. Our sins are revealed because of the 10 commandments, they shows us the Divine character of the Lord. Why would human race be such as disobedient and be deceived, making so many people transgress God’s law so many centuries sense the beginning of life in earth?. God only guide us through His wonderful power and grace to obey Him and to be happy.
    Love Jesus and keep His commandment… says the Bible.
    Love of Jesus is the key of mercy and salvation.

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