Where Do I Store All This Food?

by LDS Intelligent Living

Take some time to look around your house to see where you might find storage spaces for your food supply.

Toy chest - hidden food storage at the bottom

#10 cans hidden at the bottom of a toy chest

These pictures show how a toy chest is being used to store #10 cans at the bottom. Cover the cans with cardboard or a blanket and store the toys on top. This idea works for long-term supplies that wouldn’t need to be rotated often.

Tables are great places to hide storage items

Hide storage items under tables

Underneath tables are great places to store various items. In the picture, a three months supply of toilet paper (the 1000 sheet per roll brand) is kept in a container. When spaces are tight, you have to examine your house carefully to discover all the possibilities.

12 boxes under a twin size bed - 6 #10 cans in each box - one year long-term food storage for one person

12 boxes under twin size bed - one year long-term food supply for one personOne year long-term food storage for one person can be stored under a twin size bed. A bed with a space under the frame of 10” in height with a depth of 36” and a length of 76” will accomodate 12 boxes with 6 #10 cans in each. If you want to store more, remove the bed frame and use 24 boxes instead (1 year long-term food storage for two people), cover them with a bed skirt, and place the mattress on top of your food storage bed frame.

. Portland Home Storage Center rice casesYou can purchase a starter kit (one month kit for one person) and pre-packaged long-term food storage cases, click on pictures for more information.


Photos by LDS Intelligent Living

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