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LDS Home Storage Center: Important Changes You Should Be Aware of

In Portland, Oregon, the LDS Home Storage Center walk-in hours are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 AM -2 PM.  Non-members are welcome.


Only 12 LDS Home Storage Centers are letting people dry-pack long-term food storage. The other centers only sell pre-packaged #10 cans individually or in cases of 6 cans or pre-packaged Mylar bags. Also available for purchase are 25 lbs bags of Hard Red and Hard White Wheat.

Pre-packed food can be purchased directly at the Home Storage Center near you (either individual cans or pouches or in a case). If ordering online, they can be purchased only in a case.

Additionally, the portable dry-pack canner is no longer available to check-out.

For those interested in dry-packing their own food, an automatic impulse pouch sealer can be purchased at the distribution center. 

To view all the products available for purchase, visit the LDS Distribution Center here
To view the order form available at the Home Storage Centers,
To find out the hours of operation at an LDS Home Storage Center near you, visit the Home Storage Center location page at lds.org
If you want to know the location of the 12 Home Storage Centers that  offer self-canning, click here


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