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Thoughts on Food Storage

By Karen P.

Our Relief Society Theme for 2007 is “When obedience ceases to be an irritant, and becomes our quest, in that moment God will endow us with power” (Pres. Ezra Taft Benson). I have been thinking how that relates to having our families prepare for emergencies. When we hear about being prepared does it irritate us? If so, perhaps it needs to become our quest and then we will have the enthusiasm to “do it!”

In 1976 the Teton Dam broke in southern Idaho, flooding the valley below that was inhabited predominately by members of the Church. These Saints were endowed with power” because preparedness had been their “quest”. My parents and younger brothers went to the Rexburg area to help in the cleaning-up process. My mother has very narrow hands that allow her to reach into a quart-canning jar to clean it. That was her assignment that day to clean out muddy bottles that once held canned fruit. As she knew the hours of labor spent in preserving the fruit, she cried most of the day. Despite the losses, testimonies were shared of the miracles witnessed by these Saints. Ricks College sits high on a hill and the floodwaters flowed around it. Those whose homes were flooded flocked to the student cafeteria where hot meals were provided. There were more people fed during those weeks than there was food brought into the cafeteria. They were blessed because they had been faithful, not in the manner they had expected, but in the Lord’s way.

As we continue our “quest” to have our families and homes prepared for those unknowns that will come our way, we can rely on the Lord’s promise that those who are prepared need not fear.

Karen P., POE Stake Relief Society President

2007 Noah’s Ark Newsletter/LDS Intelligent Living

Photo source: public domain

Are We Listening?

By Gayle D., POES RS President

I attended a regional welfare services meeting recently and was reminded of the urgency that our leaders continue to express regarding our emphasis on Provident Living.  The counsel we receive has changed in the past 60 years.  We were originally asked to gather a two-year supply, then just seven years ago we were asked to concentrate on a supply for just one year.  In 2006 we were asked to gather a 3 month supply with an added caution to get out of debt.  Today we are counseled to have our one week supply and a 72 hour kit.

Why all the apparent changes in counsel?  On the whole, we as a people have not listened.  Whether out of a lack of testimony (not understanding the need for obedience to the counsel of our prophets in the matter) OR out of the Laman and Lemuel Syndrome.  A church survey indicated to the Brethren that only 7% of the Saints in the US had listened to the 60+ years of counsel.

The counsel to gather a 2-year supply is still in place but the prophet counsels us:  “We can begin ever so modestly.  We can begin with a one week’s supply of food and gradually build to three months.  I fear that so many feel that a long-term  food supply is so far beyond their reach that they make no effort at all…Begin in a small way and build gradually:…But you should begin.”

May we all work together to prepare ourselves and our families.  We have been promised that when we are prepared we need not fear.

Gayle D.

2008 Noah’s Ark Newsletter/LDS Intelligent Living

Photo source: public domain