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Learning from the Scriptures Line upon Line

by Donna Norris

When we begin reading the scriptures, we start by decoding letters into words. Even when we are older we need to decode words correctly, like knowing Nephi isn’t pronounced Nephee. We also begin the habit of reading, and learn it is enjoyable to read the scriptures. Next in our progression, we learn scripture stories. We connect people to places and understand timelines. We also start matching the stories to the book of scripture it is from. The third step is relating the stories we have learned to our own lives. We figure out the significance of relationships between people. We see patterns of behavior. We connect prophesies with its fulfillment. We recognize which prophesies are yet to come. Last, we see and understand symbolism. We understand our part in these prophesies. We read to find answers to our own problems. We also share our knowledge with others. We see eternal significance of the scriptures in our lives. Then we change our behavior to match it to God’s will.

Here is a very good article entitled ” The Glory of God Is Intelligence” by Elder David A. Bednar.

I have spent most of my life involved in education. When I was younger, I thought education meant going to school, taking tests, and getting good grades. But as I grew older, I began to learn the difference between doing well in school and becoming educated. A person can do well on tests and still not be educated. True education is learning how to learn…continue reading here…

Photo source: LDS Media Library