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Q & A about Water Storage

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We encourage all of you to make it a priority to have

a two weeks supply of water in your home.

Having an ample supply of safe, clean, purified water is a top priority in an emergency.

For more information, visit these sites:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

National Terror Alert

Can You Access your Water Storage in an Emergency?

by Becca

Water, water everywhere, but how to get to it? Hopefully, all of us have some water stored in case of an emergency.  There are many reasons and ways to store it. This article focuses on how to access water stored in 10-gallon or larger water barrels.  So, you have taken the time to fill up your barrel, excellent!  The next question is do you have a way to access this water in case of an emergency?  If you are not around, is your spouse or are your children able to access it?   There are a few options available. One is to buy a pump cap (about $15).  Another option is to drill a hole near the base of the barrel and install a spigot (around $5 for parts at a hardware store). If you choose this option you’ll need to install the spigot before filling the barrel (or you’ll have to empty and re-fill).  Or another option is to get a fluid siphon (about $6).  This is two tubes connected in the middle by a hand pump similar to those found on a blood pressure cuff.  When choosing your method the strength and ability of the weakest person who would need to be able to access the water should be your primary concern.  Can you or your spouse tip the barrel?  If not, an access method will prevent unnecessary water loss in a time of emergency. For information on storing water for an emergency, click here