LDS Intelligent Living Pages by Topics

72 Hour Emergency Preparedness

  • How Well Do You Think You’d Do in the 10 Minute Challenge
  • Where Can I Find Safe Water in an Emergency
  • Food Kit for Emergency Preparedness
  • Check Your Kit for Recalled Peanut and Other Items by JoAnn K.
  • Preparedness Now
  • Evacuation by Jerry K.
  • The Food in Your 72-Hour Emergency Kit


  • The Quest for Truth
  • Putting Spiritual Learning First Does Not Relieve Us From Learning Secular Things
  • Our Creator Expects His Children Everywhere to Gain an Education as a Personal Endeavor
  • Open Your Child’s Eyes to His Future
  • Education Is a Commandment
  • Seek Education
  • Importance of a Secular and Spiritual Education

First Aid

  • A Life Saved Through CPR
  • Recommended Content of a Red Cross First Aid Kit
  • Emergency Car Kit
  • Preparing for Home Emergencies and Natural Disasters
  • DIY Car First Aid Kit by Carmel C.
  • Let’s Make a Survival Kit
  • Winter Storm 2009 in Western Kentucky Paducah, Kentucky
  • Some 72-Hour Kits Provide False Sense of Security
  • First Aid Kit for the Household

 Food Storage

  • Food Storage Night
  • Long Term Food Storage Suggested Quantities
  • Freeze Dried Food
  • Still Tasty: Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide – Save Money, Eat
  • Long Term Food Storage Using Plastic Buckets by Jenny Casper
  • Know the Right Storing Conditions for Your Food Supply
  • So Where Do I Store All This Food?
  • Can I Keep My Food Storage in the Garage?


  • How to Nurture a Healthy Body Image in Girls
  • Of Life and Death
  • Several Ways to Dispose of Medication
  • Healthy Resolution
  • How to Stay on a Diet
  • Coping with Stress
  • What You Should Know About Herbal and Botanical Remedies

Money Management

  • Now is the Time to Prepare
  • Shopping Tips
  • We Need to Prepare Ourselves and Our Families Financially
  • Family Life: Teach Children Money Management Skills
  • Salvage Grocery Stores
  • Live Within Your Means
  • All Debt Bad?
  • A Practical Experience in Budgeting
  • Household Tip: Stain Remover
  • Identity Theft: Man’s Plan vs the Lord’s
  • Family Life

Family Life

  • Internet Safety for Youth
  • Mother or Smother
  • Meals Together So Much More Than Food Alone
  • What Family Means?
  • Physical Activity for Youth
  • No Family Is Perfect
  • Plan Ahead for Christmas Gifts
  • Continue Learning
  • A Thankful Activity for All
  • A Recipe for a Happy Family
  • Parenting Our Teens with Strength and Good Courage
  • A Return to Walden Pond
  • 28 Tips for Every Mormon Couple: Marriage Advice, Encouragement from LDS Leaders

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